Traveling the world can be a scary thought, check out our advice and be prepared

With hundreds of years of traveling between us, we have gathered a vast amount of information, tips, and tricks of the trade. When traveling your safety is our main concern and with our travel experience, you are in safe hands.

Safe Travels with SuperHotelFlight, Keeping You & Your Family Safe!

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Tips For Safe Travels Around The World!

Are you planning a trip to a foreign country? Want to know what to expect? How to protect yourself? Then you have come to the right place, with our easy to follow information and travel tips even you can be sure to have safe travels to a foreign country.

Sometimes the most important aspect of Travelling safe is the preparation before the Travelling even begins.

superhotelflight travel advice

Preparation is Key!

Before you travel to the other side of the world, it’s important to have everything ready, your documents, passports, travels tickets and of course your luggage, be sure to pack your own bags, collect your documents and have everything prepared in advance.

But did you remember the most important things? That is exactly what we want to help you with, knowing what is just as important as the typical things. Preparation really is key not only to guarantee your travels but also to ensure your personal safety!

One of the first things anybody should do before Travelling is to research the travel destination, check the news, the internet and any other media type which may inform you of any important happenings within your destination of choice.

Travel Advice and Research

Travel Destination Research

Know where you’re going to travel to? Then research the location first, watch the news and find out if anything catastrophic has happened lately, be sure you’re not flying into a war zone or the country is in an uprising or government change.

Learning about the travel location will also help you, not only knowing what has been happening within the country but also knowing what is possible, and even how to handle yourself in case of a desperate situation.

Our Top Ten Travel Tips

  • Safe Travelling Tip One - Double Check

    Visiting a Cafe, Restaurant a monument? What ever it is, always look back on yourself, make sure you didn’t leave anything behind. Typically when Travelling we carry much more with us, documents, camera, phone and possibly much more. Leaving something behind could become the nightmare of a holiday that none of us want.

  • Safe Travelling Tip Two - Money

    Don’t keep your money, cards, and passport all in the same place, separate them and keep them safe. Having your wallet, purse or bag stolen would be drastic to your holiday travels if everything you have is contained within the one item! With that in mind, don’t keep your wallet in your back pocket, get a bum bag and keep it around your waste!

  • Safe Travelling Tip Three - Documents

    Ever lost your passport or travel documents? Get a computer scan, print a copy to keep separate from the originals, also store them online. Send them your own email, store them on Microsoft Skydive or Dropbox. Keeping them digitally safe will the be the best way to ensure you have them if needed.

  • Safe Travelling Tip Four - Scams

    Be wary during your travels, in many countries, there are so many scams trying to tear the money from travelers packets. Stay away from those dark alleyways, clubs, and pubs which are not commonly used by tourists, de-registered taxis and those pesky gambling games in markets.

  • Safe Travelling Tip Five - Insurance

    Are you and your family insured? Did you get travel insurance? Be sure to be fully insured during your travels, losing items or having an accident during your travels can cost you a small fortune if not insured.

  • Safe Travelling Tip Six - Vaccinations

    Have you had your Vaccinations? When visiting most countries you may need to have vaccinations before visiting, this will only protect and your family from various diseases that you may not be immune too. Be sure to speak with your local doctor before making travel arrangements, as in some cases you will need them well in advance.

  • Safe Travelling Tip Seven - Glam

    We all like to be all Glam when we travel, but in some cases displaying that you have a pot of gold around your neck isn’t the best idea. Do remember that in some countries people are not as well off as you may be, and flashing your money in their face will only provoke the thief’s around.

  • Safe Travelling Tip Eight - Luggage

    Bags, handbags any kind of bags, keep them on yourself, hold them tight. Don’t be the typical traveler and leave your bags by your feet, hanging on the back of a chair or anywhere, where you don’t see them. It’s so easy to steal and pickpocket a bag with no eyes on them!

  • Safe Travelling Tip Nine - Beggars

    Don’t give money to beggars in the street, if you really want to help them then buy them some food, a sandwich or a drink instead. The same apply s to stray dogs or cats, leave them alone, don’t go petting them as if they were from down your street. For starters you don’t know if they will bite or scratch you, follow you back to your hotel or give you some kind of decease!

  • Safe Travelling Tip Ten - Bandits

    In a sticky situation? Getting mugged or kidnapped? Don’t be a hero and hand it over, go along if you must. It will be much easier to hand over any items and get home safe, instead of getting injured in a foreign street or gutter. Think of yourself, your safety and getting home one piece!

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